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We carry it all...from the well pump all the way  up to the filter system! 


This diagram will give you an idea of the items you will need for your well set-up.    


Located at the top of the pump to hold water in the tank and prevent backflow through the pump.

Well pump set up diagram with parts listed

1. Check Valve

2. Brass Rope Adaptor

3. Ideal Clamp

4. Heat Shrink Splice Kit

5. Torque Arrestor

6. Safety Rope

7. Cable Tie

8. Cable Guard

9. Pitless Adaptor

10. Brass Insert Fitting

11. Watertight Well Cap

12. Well Seal

13. Check Valve

14. Tank Tee

15. Drain Valve

16. Brass Nipple

17. Relief Valve

18. Pressure Gauge

19.Pressure Switch

20. Safety Switch

21. Pump Saver

22. Lightning Arrestor

23. Ball Valve

24. Water Filter

25. Pump

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